Paul Lansky - Night Traffic


Théodore de Banville

The mantel shelf was sumptuously draped with the remnant of a Florentine dalmatica. Between two gilded copper monstrances of Byzantine style, originally brought from the old Abbaye-au-Bois de Bièvre, stood a marvelous church canon divided into three separate compartments delicately wrought like lace work. It contained, under its glass frame, three works of Baudelaire copied on real vellum, with wonderful missal letters and splendid coloring: to the right and left, the sonnets bearing the titles of La Mort des Amants and L'Ennemi; in the center, the prose poem entitled, Anywhere Out of the World—n'importe ou, hors du monde.

Call Her Savage

Jeronymo Negrão Buisel

«Amas a Nosso Senhor/que morreu por toda a gente,/e a mim não me tens amor, que morro por ti somente»

Capgras delusion

Ban - Mundo De Aventuras