Antonio La Grotta - paradise discoteque

Discotheques, the symbol of 80s and 90s hedonism, were fake marble temples adorned with Greek statues made of gypsum, futuristic spaces of gigantic size, large enough to contain the dreams of success, money, fun of thousands people. And then the dreams are gone, people disappeared and nightclubs became abandoned wrecks, cement whales laid on large empty squares, places inhabited by echo and melancholy. The grass is growing in the cracks, the Discobolus is hiding under a porch, priggish Venus lurks behind the bars. The Paradise Discotheque, contemporary monuments of our civilization, are waiting to be burned to the ground, and in this expectation made of vacuum, only the memory of a former glory remains.

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Падобна на тое, што тое, што я паклаў тут надакучыла дэмакратаў і сацыялістаў і esquiierda Me Voy. Разважаць у дэмакратычным і сацыялістычным рэжыме. Пабудуйце добра пэўнага ворага і маліцца за сваіх маленькіх душ. Тым не менш, пайшоў на хуй ўсё.

Dark Side of the Horse by Samson

acho que esta é a Ava Gardner e acho que foi o Sartre que a classificou como "o mais belo animal do mundo"